What is ZGO?

Zero Gravity Outreach is a community outreach & evangelism on steroids! Zero Gravity Outreach (ZGO) has coined the term “Extreme Sports Evangelism”, An accurate description of these events would be if you took a Billy Graham Crusade, a digital rock concert, Fast & Furious, & the X-Games mix them all together, light the fuse, & boom it goes off! It is a fireworks display of the Spirit of God!

Super Charged Awesome Glorifying God!

There is no doubt your event will be SUPERCHARGED with ZGO extreme sports stunt team performances. ZGO has an extremely unique Christ filled message of love, grace, forgiveness, & hope with an alter call at the apex of each performance. ZGO events include freestyle motocross, street bike stunt riding, 4 wheeler stunts, drift car, & a digital rock concert with high energy DJ’s & MC. All this choreographed into one powerful & unforgettable performance.

Our Mission

Turn-key high flying action

A ZGO event is a turn-key performance. All we need is a large enough area & then we go off the chain! We would love the opportunity to perform at your event using an adrenaline filled approach of loving the least, the last, & the lost. You can also create a community outreach event around a ZGO performance.

ZeroGravity is a 501c3 Christ-centered action sports outreach organization. We really enjoy loud music, motorcycles, drift cars, race fuel, and high doses of adrenalin, but that is not the point, JESUS is! God has blessed us with the ability to turn our passions for extreme sports into acts of worship. ZGO has been called to share those acts of worship and allow others to experience them through extreme sports evangelistic outreach events that can be tailored specifically for your needs. As you can see below ZGO is not just limited to event based evangelism. There is so much more to this organization. In everything we do God is glorified and everyone is impacted!! Visit the ABOUT US page to get to know us a little bit more.