DJ D-Lite


DJ D-Lite – DJ

What was the first album (Vinyl) you ever purchased?
Michael Jackson’s Thriller

First thing you’d do with 1 million dollars?
Return the tithe.

How did you get started as a DJ?
A need for a DJ arose at a community outreach. I went to the music store and purchased a mixer and 2 CD players and that was the beginning.

What is your favorite bible verse and why?
Matthew 5:16 – This verse is how I got my DJ name, DJ D-Lite. Everyone in the Kingdom has a light and when we allow it to shine, men see it and are drawn to God’s goodness.

Favorite movie?
Star Wars (any of them) – But The Empire Strike Back is the BEST!

What’s something the fans wouldn’t know about you?
Fans Wouldn’t know what my first name is (and I ain’t telling)

Tim Wilkinson

Founder & Stunt Rider

Marco Tellez

Drift Car Driver

Debbie Wilkinson

VP & Logistics

Adam Pittman

Photography & Media

Evan Blagec

Emcee Energizer Bunny!!

Trevor Cartmill

FMX Rider

Ed Rossi

FMX Rider

Alan Dixon


Robbie King

FMX Rider

Ryan Quinn

ZGO Drift Car Driver

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