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You are stepping onto the battlefield with us launching a massive rescue operation, sending ZeroGravity Outreach deep behind enemy lines impacting many generations to come. Together we are God’s WMS “Weapon of Mass Salvation”! Please go to the bottom of this page filling out the information below and then the operation commences. You are now a part of the solution and our mission “Using EXTREME MEASURES in an EXTREME WORLD to reach an EXTREME CULTURE.”

A rescue operation of this magnitude must include a very dedicated team, detailed planning, and surgical implementation, for an unprecedented impact!!

Click on our tactical phases of operation below and see how God is and will be using ZGO to go behind enemy lines, reaching deep into a broken, lost, and hurting generation. We encourage you to send this to anyone who has a heart for a rescue mission of this sort. As our Sender Team grows, we will be able to execute the next phases of God’s assault plan for ZGO to penetrate society today, effecting many generations to come!!

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Phase 1: Boots on the Ground, what we are doing now.

EXTREME SPORTS OUTREACH EVENTS– These events are ZeroGravity’s roots in using the attention-getting power of extreme sports and music, partnering with ministries, churches, and the faith community reaching a generation where they are at. We are engaging in a conversation that focuses on God’s love, grace, and forgiveness through a relationship with Jesus!
“GENESIS PROJECT” First Wave– We will open specific scheduled ZGO events to be turned into extreme mission trips. Participants will come and spend the week prior to an event meeting specific needs within that community. Finishing the week off with an amazing extreme celebration at the event or festival.
ZERO GRAVITY VIDEO PRODUCTIONS– Through media we have worldwide impact as we live stream our outreach events. Then our “Sessions”, “Urban Assault”, and “ZeroGravity Whips” online video series uses dynamic video production, action sports, music, and a message of living life to the fullest through a very extreme God!
REACHING AND RECRUITING IN THE EXTREME SPORTS COMMUNITY– We are consistently reaching out to people in the extreme sports community searching for those who God is pointing us to. At that point we encourage them to become all God created them to be. Then pouring into everyone who becomes a part of our team. We develop, mentor, and prepare each person to become high profile, high capacity, and high energy leaders.  ZGO is a place where gifts, talents, and passions are developed to become all we are created to be in Christ. Our leaders leverage all aspects of our organization to provide a platform within their respective extreme industries to live out their purpose and to reach into today’s society, thus having a global impact for Christ.

Phase 2: The Next Step

“GENESIS PROJECT” Second Wave– Extreme evangelistic outreach mission trips where we would pray specifically about where God would have us go. Then ZGO will spend a week in that place meeting all the needs we can. Going into schools, at risk youth homes, women’s shelters, homeless shelters, work projects. In each place being God’s hands, feet, and a bright light in the darkness. At the end of the week bring the whole community together with an extreme outreach event celebrating what God has done. There will be music, extreme sports, and a message sharing the gospel giving people the chance to dedicate or re-dedicate their lives to Christ.
CHILDREN’S HOSPITALS– We want to bring Hope, love, and excitement through our performances to these places that tend to have so much hurt, pain, and suffering. Our team will dress up as super heroes, jump dirt bikes, drift the cars, and put a big smile on the faces of children and families. Our team will then spend some one on one time just loving on them all!
Benefit events- We will coordinate events for families and organizations needing our help in raising the resources for necessary medical, financial, and organizational needs.

Phase 3: Going and Growing

Continue phase 1 & 2 just doing more of it!
These training facilities would be bases of operation allowing us to be strategically placed having the best possible nationwide impact. The facilities would include a FMX course, motocross track, street stunt and drift pad, a skate, and BMX park. They will be a very special place for families, youth groups, group homes, and athletes alike. A place where walls are torn down, defenses overcome, and hearts are peeled open, then God’s Love, Grace, and forgiveness is poured in. Professional athletes and their families will be invited to come and find a place of rest and encouragement disconnecting from all the pressure associated with professional sports. As those athletes return, they will have been prepared and recharged having a global impact as a bright light for Christ.
OFF-ROAD ADVENTURE RETREATS– These retreats are designed to break down barriers and pull families together in an outdoor off-road adventure setting. By the end of the retreat the family will know how to use a team concept in walking out life as God intended, TOGETHER!
SCHOOL PROGRAMS–  ZeroGravity Outreach has the ability to truly connect with students where they are at, touching on the intense and real issues of today. Our use of athletes, dynamic motivational speakers, extreme sports, music, and high quality video creates a platform where students will not just hear, but act on a message encouraging them to seek the truth.

Taking it the distance!

ZGO will never stop the fight! This organization has been designed to go on for many generations to come. God made it very clear that the foundations are critical and we must grow as deep as we are tall. We do that by filtering every decision through God’s word and bathing each one in prayer.  At the same time, we are continuously seeking and investing in future leaders who God is raising up through our organization to carry the torch going the distance with eternity being the destination.

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