Robbie King

FMX Rider

Robbie King – FMX Rider – The Moto Magician

What was your first dirt bike?
1975 Yamaha Moto-Bike.

First thing you’d do with 1 million dollars?
First thing I would do with a million dollars is to cover it in a prayer for the Lords will to be done. Secondly, invest the funds wisely to make them work, so being a good steward to receive the fruits.

What was the first freestyle trick you learned?
The first freestyle trick I learned was the one handed Crab Grab! LoL

What is your favorite bible verse and why?
My favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13.
During my life after truly surrendering to Jesus, I would see the number 413 in so many things and places during my walk. My eyes were opened to seeing this number. The verse in Philippians was shown to me of how we gain Jesus strength for accomplishing His will, tasks and goals. So I truly lean into this verse for my life fullness!

Favorite movie?
Shawshank Redemption – Get busy living or get busy dying.

Dust to Glory – The Baja Peninsula: a place between the Old West and the Twilight Zone.

Mad Max movies – Off Road Greatness!

What’s something the fans wouldn’t know about you?
I don’t think fans know how much I truly enjoy sharing with people, the tips and tricks I have learned about many things during my life journey. Sharing with others what I have been taught of “How to succeed” through goals, interests, callings and relationships. I also enjoy helping those who are truly wanting to “make things happen”.

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