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These are truly turn-key extreme sports (X-games level) evangelistic performances. We can even bring our generators for the electricity if needed. ZGO can set up literally anywhere as long as our minimum performance area needs are met. We have a very impressive mobile set up that includes freestyle motocross take off ramps & landings, concert level sound system, bikes, 4 wheelers & cars that are highly modified for what we do. Just give us the performance area necessary & off the chain we go!

We have many different performance capabilities to work within your budget:

  • Performance Menu

    Wheels North: (2 Street Stunt riders and DJ/Emcee)

    Fast & Furious: (Super Quad and Drift Car, 2 drivers, DJ/MC)

    Air 2 Air Combat: (2 Freestyle Motocross riders and DJ/Emcee)

    Urban Assault: (2 FMX riders /1 stunt rider on Supermoto & Super Quad/ DJ/Emcee.)

    Tsunami: (2 FMX riders/2 stunt riders, includes Supermoto & Super Quad/ DJ and Emcee.)

    Earthquake: (2 FMX riders/2 Stunt rider’s/ Supermoto & Super Quad/Drift car/ DJ and Emcee.) This is a Ground shaking performance!!

    THE BIG KAHUNA:(3-4 FMX riders, 2 FMX mobile ramps and landings/ 3 Stunt rider’s / Supermoto & Super Quad/ Drift Car/DJ and Emcee.) This performance is just insane!!

    Believe it or not we can go much bigger to include BMX and Skateboard athletes.

    This menu of performances has been put together to give you a place to start, but also realize the sky is the limit! We are very skilled in our ability to custom design an EXTREME experience specific to your needs. From one of our turn-key Stunt performance, or a one-day mini fest up to a full blown multi day festival with Production (stage, sound, lighting) Hip Hop, Rap, and other artists that we work with. ZGO performances are truly turn key! The only factors you consider would be how BIG to go, performance space available, and budget.

    Then it is “Shock and Awe” at extreme levels!

The ZeroGravity experience

A ZGO experience is extreme, intense, loud, and real which isn’t a bad thing. ZeroGravity Outreach shows that Life is meant to be lived, and lived to the fullest through the saving grace and love of Jesus Christ. Every person is important and has been created for a purpose and no one’s life should be lived in vain. It is very apparent the direction the world is pointing people is all wrong! Because of this, Zero Gravity Outreach exists with the vision to earn the right to be heard and to speak truth into peoples’ lives. We hope to be transparent enough for everyone to see our imperfect faith, vulnerable enough for you to trust us, willing enough to find a starting point, and like any good friend would, encourage you one step further. We are very fortunate to travel this country meeting you, sharing our hearts, and truly seeing GOD move. So with that have fun looking around and we look forward to crossing paths very soon!

We would be honored to ride for you.
We would be honored for you to dig deeper surfing our site to find out more about our unique organization and the people behind it. Should you have any questions, feel free to catch up with us via e-mail from the contact us page, or hit us up on our the ZGO Facebook page.

We encourage you to go to the video page and you will get a taste of a ZeroGravity Outreach event, but remember it is nothing like a face to face Zero Gravity Experience!!

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